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Serial web & mobile entrepreneur.


THX Management BVBA

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Traveling, Restaurants, Table Tennis.

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May 2001
Xtreme Internet Solutions
CEO, Founder

I started in 2001 my first company Xtreme Internet Solutions as a webdesign company. I created websites and sold webhosting. I also made my own CMS and email marketing platform (webtools)....

Januari 2004
CEO, Founder

I started my first SAAS platform. I developed a software + API for sending SMS messages....

June 2013
CEO, Founder

My team at Xtreme Internet Solutions created Coupontools, a platform for digital coupons & loyalty cards....

Februari 2015
CEO, Founder

Many of our clients requested native apps for Apple & Google Play so our team started with a service Apptools. With Apptools we develop basic native template based apps in the app stores as an add-on service to our existing services....


What I do

I can help you with all your SMS marketing requirements. Sms software, API, email2sms, voice calls, 2way messaging, Whatsapp business setup, ...
I can help you will digital coupons, vouchers, loyalty cards, gamification, API driven coupons, custom gamification development.
I can help you with email marketing and marketing automation.
I can help you with basic app development (IOS/Google Play)


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+32 479 464 892